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Contests, Challenges and other Events :)

Journal Entry: Sat Nov 26, 2016, 4:37 AM

Wiggly text - Hello :smallwave: V2
Hello dear friends and deviants!

Please take some time to be informed about some current or upcoming activities, challenges and contests:


Contests and Challenges



All members of
:iconthefavouriteshowcase: :iconglobal-photos: :iconsoulcollectors: :iconallartsupport: :icontraditionalpainting: :iconnature-paradise: :iconwow-macros: :iconnine-muses:
are welcome to join!

Monthly Theme: LIGHTS and GLITTER - Opens on the 1st December

Accepted Medium: All visual media

Accepted works: old or new, 1 per challenge, 2 if you are a member of TheFavouriteShowcase

Submission period: 1st day of the month - 20th day of the month

1st place - 100 Points
2nd place - 75 Points
3rd place - 50 Points
4th place - 25 Points

All info: thefavouriteshowcase.deviantar…

You may vote on the current theme "CLOSE-UP" here Monthly Challenge CLOSE-UP please vote!ALL INFO ABOUT THE THEMATIC FOLDER HERE thefavouriteshowcase.deviantar…
Folder open to all members of
and Affiliated Groups:
:iconsoulcollectors: :iconallartsupport: :iconglobal-photos:
:icontraditionalpainting: :iconnature-paradise: :iconnine-muses: :iconwow-macros:

Hello dear members of TheFavouriteShowcase, friends and deviants,
welcome to the Monthly Challenge at TheFavouriteShowcase:
 instead of using the Polls to choose our winners, we'll be using a blog to showcase our favourites
on this theme!
This means, or so I hope, more exposure for your pieces and galleries.
The idea is simple: each work has a number and all deviants have the opportunity to vote like if it was a poll...with the difference that you will choose not one but 3 favourites!
All deviants may vote, INCLUSIVE who is participating;
the partic

Bullet; Green Any donations to this group are very welcome

here :iconthefavouritecontests::iconthefavouritecontest2: (click on the stamp)



Open to all members of
:iconallartsupport: :iconthefavouriteshowcase: :iconglobal-photos: :iconsoulcollectors:  :icontraditionalpainting: :iconnine-muses:


Accepted Medium: Traditional Art (drawings and paintings) , Digital Art (drawings and paintings), Photography and Photomanipulation

Accepted works: New (made for the contest).

Submission period: until the 31st December 2016.

Prizes (on each category):
Bullet; Green 1st prize - 1200 Points 
Bullet; Green 2nd prize - 800 Points
Bullet; Green 3rd prize - 400 Points
Bullet; GreenViewer's Choice: 200 Points(After the participants voting we'll have a voting for all deviants - the 10 most voted pieces after the winners on each category will be featured in a blog and everyone can vote to choose the winner.)

All info: CONTEST 2016:iconallartsupport:
Six years ago, on the 12th November 2010, Stephanos MamoruK1N founded this group.
Last October Stephanos gave me the points to upgrade us to Super Group, so we have much to celebrate!
Let's start our festivities with a Contest!

Contest Announcement (12th Nov 2016)

Today starts our contest with the theme "Portraits" at the group AllArtSupport.
What do we want to see?
Good art, amazing portraits, all kind of traditional or digital portraits, photography or photomanipulated portraits. 

But what are portraits?

"Portraits are works of art that record the likenesses of humans or animals that are alive or have been alive."

"Portrait is a likeness of a person, especially of the face, as a painting or a drawing."

- So, can you submit fantasy, an imaginary face?



I'm sending a Xmas Card to everyone who sends me one, so if you like to receive postcards and miss receiving them, participate!

Find all the info here Send me a Xmas Card - and other news...
Hello all :wave:
A few years ago I used to send many Xmas cards to family, friends and clients and received many too, but now emails and phone messages took over the Christmas spirit! I miss receiving those lovely and colourful cards :( (Sad)
Do you miss them too? Will you join me and share some?
So, here's my proposal: anyone sending me a Xmas card will get one back!
Starting from today until the 8th December send to

     Elsa Gil
Rua Sebastião de Lima, 21-2.º

2500-277 Caldas da Rainha

a Xmas card, it can be big or small, bought or done by you, simple or sparkly, anything counts!
Don't forget to write your address and I'll send one back. Also write anywhere on the card your deviant name so I can feature you here - I will feature everyone who participates.

Spread the love

Christian Clu-art sent me a lovely card with a beautiful flower stamp!
:santa: Thank you so much!


King of Autumn by Clu-art
Sunkissed by Clu-art Summer Impressions 81 by Clu-art
Lavender WALLPAPER by Clu-art

We Heart to feature your work!

More Puppers by bigcatdesigns
Bewitched by Aoleev valentine rose by kittycrime Dark flower by Mishkina
Kim Seokjin Fanart Grayscale by DragonOfTheBrooke Jessica Jones Commission by WeijiC PNG Man by JasperHolland 
Chow-chow1 by Alena1950 Heart of the Woods by MonochromaticART
Nightstalker by AdryelArt Saida by Mishkina Look at me by Volpe-art
Danae by LightheartedLoki Pretty Pony Colored Pencil by MeadowDelights HENRY CAVILL by alexkajf
Pretty In Punk by InayatShah The Beauty by fawwaz1
STEALTH by GuitarWars Storm Godess by Kaizoku-hime Blinds by Chemi-ckal
Elle Fanning (The Neon Demon) by junkome Ryan Gosling by Calaymo Wild by changiz Lisa (Black Pink) Fanart by TiNyThanhTruc It's a gloomy day by Aoleev
Mizu by NattymonNoir Naiara 2 by GeorgeXVII Happee Birthdae Harry by CoalRye
Pliosaur by EsthervanHulsen
It's mine! by KaLa89 Urangutan 2 by HendrikHermans 
Colourful Encounter by Snow-Owl Bright Blue by Kvitter Autumn At Water Works Park by MYPeanutGallery
Ona by LusiusMalfoy Stryker by marmicminipark Coffee child by Althea-25
Autumn Witch by GreatQueenLina Alicia Vikander by ekota21 

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IF YOU LIKE CONTESTS and CHALLENGES check these groups!



Welcome DeviantART Logo by Th3EmOo :iconthefavouriteshowcase:

:bulletblue: There are a million groups on DA. Why is this different?
Actually it isn't different. It's a place to show your art.
But we're not just hanging your works at our gallery walls! We intend to make people see them ;)

:bulletblue: Who can submit to this group ? Anyone can. The ART FOR SALE folder, The Invisible folder and the Non-members Work Folder are open to all deviants and all to dA art (except literature).
But if you want to submit more you have to be a member. Members have other benefits - submit their work every day, enter the polls and contests, be part of the blogs and journals, be featured by other groups, and being constantly promoted :D

:bulletblue: I'm not a member of this group, but I'm an affiliate member. Can I submit to the Monthly Challenge?
Yes, you can submit (once a month/ 1 per challenge).
But I'd love to have you as a member :) As member you may submit twice!


:bulletblue: How do you select the works?
Easily: either we like them or we don't (they'll be voted).
Please, don't ask us why wasn't your work accepted. Just submit another!
We are not art critics, here you won't get a tip how to evolve: we are a feature group, we feature any kind of work, but you must understand that we feature mostly the works which appeal to us.
If your work was declined there are only 3 reasons:
:bulletred: the most usual is that you have submitted twice the same work and when it's accepted to one folder it can't be accepted again (please check if that was the case - if your work is already in our group our icon will be displayed at your deviation);
:bulletred: you have submitted to the wrong folder (if you don't look to where you submit your work goes to our first folder, which is the Journal folder. Sometimes I accept it and then move to the correct folder, but this is more work for me, as you can understand.
If your work get declined for being submitted in the wrong folder you have the possibility, on the same day, to submit again, actually to plenty of folders because we don't have a global limit :)
So, don't bother to ask why it is declined and submit again!);

:bulletred: the 3rd and last reason:
Again don't bother to ask, as referred many times, we are not critics, it could be because we think it is not suitable for the group or just because it's really a poor composition (also, the dA watermark on your work is probably a cause for declining - use your own but don't choose an obstructive logo or mark).
Anyway, you won't learn anything from us because we don't have the skills to evaluate nor pretend to have.
You can always submit the same piece again, if there are different people voting, maybe it get in.

:bulletblue: What kind of works will you accept?
All visual arts, but mainly Photography and Traditional Art.
Personally, I like colourful, vibrant works. Usually, I don't like conceptual photography and truly dislike photos of your face (you know, those taken with your webcam and that you use on Facebook and MySpace :doh: ) or other body parts, especially private body parts.
We have a Contributors team voting your works, they have their own tastes and they are instructed to vote according their likes.
A work will be never declined because it was submitted to the wrong category (I'll move it once it's accepted) though I appreciate very much that you take a second to submit to the most suitable folder.
Take a look to Nessarie's tutorial "How to Submit to a Group"… if you have doubts.

:bulletblue: What about Mature Content?
It depends on the content: if we are talking about artistic nudes, I don't find any problem with that. The nude form is classic, personally I don't find anything shocking on a nude body. However, as said before, I truly dislike photos exposing private body parts and I won't accept them on the gallery.
If we are talking about pornographic, gore or violent works, then they won't be accepted, as neither will be accepted racism or religion fanaticism in any form.

:bulletblue: Is there a limit for submissions?
Yes, you may submit 1 work per day to most folders (with some exceptions like the Invisible Folder or The ART FOR SALE Folder, where you may submit just once a week).

:bulletblue: Ok, I understand you want to expose art and artists, but how will you do that?
This is a super group, so we'll be doing features.
We'll be asking to groups and deviants to do features or to promote our features.
Personally, I want to involve as many people as I can - exposure is the main idea.

We'll be having challenges, contests, many activities which I hope will contribute to expose your art.

:bulletblue: Challenges and contests? So there will be prizes?
Yes, we have an annual contest but along all year you may submit to our Thematic Folder to win some points (but here the main prize is the various features where your work is showcased).

:bulletblue: Wait, there is a Monthly Theme? So, is this a contest? There will be a theme then?
No, this isn't a contest. There is a theme every month but you can submit any visual art, old or new. .
All members can submit to the Monthly Theme folder, once per week.
There will be polls while there are members wanting to enter. Each poll has 10 slots.
Mind the dates please.
On the 25th every month, we'll have the Final Voting on that period - the most voted 20 works/members of all polls are here to be voted and the most voted then wins the prize (so every vote will count!). The Final Voting is open until the end of that month and it's a blog were every deviant may vote - please go to the Monthly Theme Folder to read all about this voting process.

You will be chosen by your fellow deviants. You may ask for votes from your watchers and friends - this is a game for exposure, not a contest, so if many people see the works on the poll, everyone is going to get that exposure.
Even if you win, you may submit again in the next period.
You think the polls aren't fair?
Read this blog thefavouriteshowcase.deviantar… please.

:bulletblue: I've entered the poll, my work was seen! :boogie: Now I'm going to remove it from the group!
Of course you are allowed to remove your work from the group...but if you are entering the poll be aware that even if your work is the most voted you won't be able to win the prize. You can always remove your work after that poll period, but remember, once removed it won't be accepted again (of course, if you didn't remove your work on propose, if it was a mistake, you can always talk to me and your work will be accepted again).

:bulletblue: How do I know if I win? You are going to warn me, right?
Wrong. I'll give you your prize if you acknowledge that you've won. I'll never warn the winners, I'll write the blog announcing them. You have to read the blogs, sorry.

:bulletblue: I'm on the poll but I want to leave the group. Can I?
Of course, you are free to do whatever you want. Be aware that when you leave your work leaves with you and it will be deleted from the poll and the Poll Folder.

:bulletblue: Ok fine, you have a Poll System to expose works. And what do you do more?
All our Contributors do their own features, but we also have features within the group: there are 2 regular features, the "12 per Day Feature Blog" (featuring all members) and the "Twenty Under Twenty Blog" featuring (all deviants, not just members) works under 20 faves.
You may find these features here:
12 per Day Feature: thefavouriteshowcase.deviantar…
Twenty Under Twenty: thefavouriteshowcase.deviantar…
:new: You are the Star! thefavouriteshowcase.deviantar…
:new: Feature my work thefavouriteshowcase.deviantar…
All Journals/News Articles featuring our group: thefavouriteshowcase.deviantar…

:bulletblue: I have my work featured and I have participated in challenges and contests. Now I want to leave the group.
OK, I can't stop you. But I was expecting that you'd stay with us and help to promote the group. Just be aware that on this terms I can't let you come back for this next year :( With you leaving, also your submitted pieces will leave. We are a feature club, we want to give exposure to our members - we feel it's fair that if you go, so does your work.

:bulletblue: I found out I was BLOCKED from the group. WHY?
It's a way of management, and there are 2 reasons to do so:
1. If I requested your work or if I invited you to join the group and you declined then I block you (for one year) so I won't bother you again asking.
2. If you were a member with works submitted and leave the group without any apparent reason or joined the group just to enter the contest/challenge and leave after, then your works are moved to the "non-members" works folder and you are blocked for one year.
We are a feature group, we feature our members, so we expect to be supported by them.
All deviants are free to join (all join requests are accepted) and to leave any time, but, as an organized group, we are also free to take some measures to protect those who work hard to showcase the work of others.

:bulletblue: Do you accept contributors?
Yes. I'll accept Contributors to the following categories:
General Photography;
Nature Photography;
Traditional Art;
and Digital Art.
Note me if you want to apply ;P All you have to do is regular features for our members.

Contributors will feature the group members. I need a feature once a month from all contributors. Do you want to join?

:bulletblue: I don't want to be a member. Can I just :+devwatch:?
:) Of course you can, and I really appreciate that.

:bulletblue: I'm a member, now!:dance: But I didn't finished my work...I have a WIP though, can I submit it?
No, don't bother. Finish your work, then submit it.

:bulletblue: I love to collect :+fav:s and I know lovely artists. As I am a member I can submit works for them, can't I?
No, you can submit your own works.
However, we have a Favourite Gallery :star: You may submit your faves there.
And now we have a specific folder for features! :boogie: Take a look, do some features yourself! :omg: And we'll feature your feature! thefavouriteshowcase.deviantar…

:bulletblue: I'm an artist and I want to show my art - but I'm scared - there are art thieves out there. So I upload my work in very small sizes and I use watermarks all over it! Still, I can submit to this group, can't I?
If your work is small and watermarked, how can we enjoy it? Of course, you can always submit - if we decline it, you already know why - it's because we can't see your work.:unimpressed:

:bulletblue: I hate to have a lot of deviations in my inbox. How many submissions will you accept per day?
:hmm: We try not to accept many, we don't want to bother you with lots of works because we know you'll not have the time to see them all.

:bulletblue: Again, I hate to have a lot of deviations in my inbox. I can always turn off my :+devwatch:, right?
Right, :( but we'd be very sad.

:bulletblue: I like to write and I have some ideas. Would you let me writing a blog?
Of course. All Members can write on the blog.

:bulletblue: I'd like to help with the features, to help expose all of us. What can I do?
Well, I thank you so much. This is very important! :thanks: All deviants can do features. Go to our gallery and choose some works you like the most. Copy the thumbs to your journal and announce you're featuring the works of TheFavouriteShowcase members. Please let me know you are doing the feature. I'll announce it right away and I'll be personally :+fav:ing your featured and also :+fav:ing it into the group. It will be added to our folder "Journals - Featuring our Members" thefavouriteshowcase.deviantar… ;)

:bulletblue: But I'm not a Premium Member, can I help anyway?
Yes, of course you can. Now you can write journals/news articles too, using the thumbs :nod:
Also, you can use our icon proudly (:icon thefavouriteshowcase: - no spaces) and write on your journal that this is the place to find marvellous faves! :lol:

Questions are very welcome - you can always talk to me :highfive:

Elsa, Egil21

Important Info - all links

      :bulletpurple: Members only :bulletgreen: For All

:bulletgreen: Twenty under Twenty Features thefavouriteshowcase.deviantar…

:bulletpurple: Thematic Folder - every month a theme and the opportunity to win a prize thefavouriteshowcase.deviantar…

:bulletpurple: "FEATURE MY WORK" Blogs thefavouriteshowcase.deviantar…

:bulletgreen: Favourites Gallery thefavouriteshowcase.deviantar…

:bulletpurple: You Are the Star! (you may submit here 5 of your works to be featured in our exclusive blogs and you will be the only one featured, really our star!) thefavouriteshowcase.deviantar…

:bulletgreen: ART FOR SALE thefavouriteshowcase.deviantar…
Showcase the pieces you want to sell!

Gallery Folders

Winter Soldier by jasric
rostro by caratulion
Grasshopper. by Macphotography93
Follow Me by GreenBreen
Featured Works
Lion King by vinayan
blue velvet by wistar-photography
Corfe Castle sunrise by SebastianKraus
Amanita Fairy by LanaTustich
JOURNALS about TheFavouriteShowcase
'Wine Globe' by IntegraArtz
Ruby Ball by Coscomomo
Frozen by LashelleValentine
Red and White by LashelleValentine
The lion by Althea-25
Tichodroma muraria by DundalkChild
Freehand eye practice (better quality now). by borodjonok
Watcher in the Apple Trees by Odditorium
Photography - Nature
At Reynisfjall Mountain by LinsenSchuss
Northern lights at lake by JuhaniViitanen
Meadows by John-Peter
Himalayan griffon vulture by EyeOfTheKat
Photography - Flowers
The Song by EyeOfTheKat
041 - Flowers by CarlaSophia
Lilac Melody by dashakern
Pelargonium - BW by jhps
Emma and her mess she made!!! by BlueIvyViolet
Compass by EtherealSceneries
Shoes on the Danube in Budapest by GsanePhotography
Best served chilled by Merkosh
DIGITAL ART Devious Folder
beetle witch by len-yan
African child by nemiziss
Fae Queen by Viccolatte
Nature's Mystery - Springtime by OnTheMountainTop
The Invisible - less than 20 faves
Cabin 01 by MilenasLens
Insect1 by Alena1950
The girl next door by Lusykia

Mature Content

you're beautiful by SzL88
Mel's Favourites
Halloween by Kajenna
CLOSED Waiting to be organized
Makowy Krajobraz by kjfh1
Summer Flowers by FlabnBone

Welcome to The Favourite Showcase

Oh, a new group, that's so great! :sarcasm: Don't you know there are a million groups on DA?

:nod: Yes, I know, but this is different.

:O_o: ORLY???

:lol: First of all I want to say this will be a cheerful and colourful group. And now I'll explain the reason I'm here, making a new baby group:

People visit my gallery and collect my favourites...yes, you read it right, and this is usual - to collect one's favourites, sometimes I do that too - but I'm going to rephrase it:

People visit my gallery and collect a entire folder of favourites! My favourites, my folder, my collection! :O

For me this is odd! I asked my friends what they think about that and though they also though it's odd and funny, they said: "you have wonderful taste, you have eye for beauty, your collections are awesome!"


For me is just odd. Why would someone want to have my entire collection? Lack of time to collect themselves?
Anyway, this together with some group experience, where people keep asking "why wasn't my work accepted?" and when I answer saying that it wasn't a technical issue it was just decided according my personal taste, they answer me back: "oh, then you should have abilities to judge, you should be trained as art critic if you want to evaluate one's work!" and on, and on...
Should I? Should I go study? But I never do critiques, I never evaluate one's work! It's just what I like and what I don't like...

So, this is the result:
A group where you can submit your work, which will be a super group soon, so I can feature you, and do some polls, because I want to give prizes to the best.
Your art deserves to be properly seen! Your work and creativity deserve attention!

:icondivaplz: Welcome to the most beautiful gallery of favourites:

Spread the Love by kitsuneshinThe Showcase!
:icontransparentplz:Elsa, Egil21


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:) Hello! Where do you come from?

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