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About Us

Hi, my name is Elsa.
I'm the founder of TheFavouriteShowcase.
I'm not a photographer nor an artist, but I love photography and I'm an art lover.
I'm here to be amazed and to help promoting good art and good artists ;)
You are always welcome to talk to me - please, if you have any doubt or question, go ahead - I'm here for you.




:bulletblue: There are a million groups on DA. Why is this different?
Actually it isn't different. It's a place to show your art.
But we're not just hanging your works at our gallery walls! We intend to make people see them ;)

:bulletblue: Who can submit to this group ? Anyone can. The Featured Folder and the Non-members Work Folder are open to all deviants. But you just may submit once (every month). The Invisible Folder and the ART FOR SALE Folder are also open to all deviants and all dA art (you may submit 2 works per month on each).
But if you want to submit more you have to be a member. Members have other benefits - submit their work every day, enter the polls and contests, be part of the news articles, be featured by other groups, and being constantly promoted :D

:bulletblue: I'm not a member of this group, but I'm an affiliate member. Can I submit?
Yes, you can submit to the Non-member Works Folder (once a month) and to The Invisible Folder and the ART FOR SALE Folder (2 works per month).
But I'd love to have you as a member :)

:bulletblue: How do you select the works?
Easily: either we like them or we don't (they'll be voted).
Please, don't ask us why wasn't your work accepted. Just submit another!
We are not art critics, here you won't get a tip how to evolve: we are a feature group, we feature any kind of work, but you must understand that we feature mostly the works which appeal to us.

:bulletblue: What kind of works will you accept?
All visual arts, but mainly Photography and Traditional Art.
Personally, I like colourful, vibrant works. Usually, I don't like conceptual photography and truly dislike photos of your face (you know, those taken with your webcam and that you use on Facebook and MySpace :doh: ) or other body parts, especially private body parts.
We have a Contributors team voting your works, they have their own tastes and they are instructed to vote according their likes. A work will be never declined because it was submitted to the wrong folder (I'll move it once it's accepted) though I appreciate very much that you take a second to submit to the right folder.
Take a look to Nessarie's tutorial "How to Submit to a Group"… if you have doubts.

:bulletblue: What about Mature Content?
It depends on the content: if we are talking about artistic nudes, I don't find any problem with that. The nude form is classic, personally I don't find anything shocking on a nude body. However, as said before, I truly dislike photos exposing private body parts and I won't accept them on the gallery.
If we are talking about pornographic, gore or violent works, then they won't be accepted, as neither will be accepted racism or religion fanaticism in any form.

:bulletblue: Is there a limit for submissions?
Yes, you may submit 1 work per day to most folders (the exceptions are the Invisible Folder and The ART FOR SALE Folder, where you may submit just once a week).

:bulletblue: Ok, I understand you want to expose art and artists, but how will you do that?
This is a super group, so we'll be doing features.
We'll be asking to groups and deviants to do features or to promote our features.
Personally, I want to involve as many people as I can - exposure is the main idea.

I want to give prizes to the best artists too ( I know this can be misleading, because this "best" can be the most exposed or the most popular, :shrug: ) - every 2,5 months I'll give a 3 month sub. You'll be voting (polls).

:bulletblue: When can I win these subs?
This will be the year's schedule:

15th March (submissions close on the 1st March, Last Poll posted on the 8th, winner announced on the 16th);

30th May (submissions close on the 16th May, Last Poll posted on the 23rd, winner announced on the 31st);

15th August (submissions close on the 1st August, Last Poll posted on the 8th, winner announced on the 16th);

30th October (submissions close on the 16 October, Last Poll posted on the 23rd, winner announced on the 31st);

and this leaves November and December for the Xmas Poll (a small and special poll period, were only the members that have participated on one or more polls along the year can participate) - the winner will have for Christmas a 6 month sub (submissions close on the 6th December, Last Poll posted on the 13th and winner announced on the 21st).

Pay attention: Only the participants of one or more polls in that year can enter the Xmas Poll. This is a way for the group to say thanks to all the members who have supported the Poll System.
So, participate! ;)

:bulletblue: Is this a contest? There will be a theme then?
No, this isn't a contest. There is no theme. You just have to submit your best.
All members can submit to the poll folder, but only once during that poll period (choose your works well!)
There will be polls while there are members wanting to enter. Each poll has 10 slots.
Mind the dates please.
One week before the dates presented on the schedule above, we'll have the Final Voting on that period - the most voted 20 works/members of all polls are here to be voted and the most voted then wins the prize (so every vote will count!). The Final Voting is open for a week and it's a blog were every deviant may vote - please go to the Poll Folder thefavouriteshowcase.deviantar… to read all about this voting process.

You will be chosen by your fellow deviants. You may ask for votes from your watchers and friends - this is a game for exposure, not a contest, so if many people see the works on the poll, everyone is going to get that exposure.
Even if you win, you may submit again in the next poll period.
You think the polls aren't fair?
Read this blog thefavouriteshowcase.deviantar… please.

:bulletblue: I've entered the poll, my work was seen! :boogie: Now I'm going to remove it from the group!
Of course you are allowed to remove your work from the group...but if you are entering the poll be aware that even if your work is the most voted you won't be able to win the prize. You can always remove your work after that poll period, but remember, once removed it won't be accepted again (of course, if you didn't remove your work on propose, if it was a mistake, you can always talk to me and your work will be accepted again).

:bulletblue: How do I know if I win? You are going to warn me, right?
Wrong. I'll give you your prize if you acknowledge that you've won. I'll never warn the winners, I'll write the blog announcing them. You have to read the blogs, sorry.

:bulletblue: I'm on the poll but I want to leave the group. Can I?
Of course, you are free to do whatever you want. Be aware that when you leave your work leaves with you and it will be deleted from the poll and the Poll Folder.

:bulletblue: I've won the poll! :w00t: Now I'm a Premium Member! And bye, bye I'm going away and leave the group! :nana:
OK, I can't stop you. But I was expecting that you'd stay with us and help to promote the group, at least for the next 2 or 3 months. Just be aware that on this terms I can't let you come back :( With you leaving, also your submitted pieces will leave. We are a feature club, we want to give exposure to our members - we feel it's fair that if you go, so does your work.

:bulletblue: Ok fine, you have a Poll System to expose works. And what do you do more?
All our Contributors do their own features, but we also have features within the group: there are 2 regular features, the "12 per Day Feature Blog" (featuring all members) and the "Twenty Under Twenty Blog" featuring (all deviants, not just members) works under 20 faves.
You may find these features here:
12 per Day Feature: thefavouriteshowcase.deviantar…
Twenty Under Twenty: thefavouriteshowcase.deviantar…
:new: You are the Star! thefavouriteshowcase.deviantar…
:new: Feature my work thefavouriteshowcase.deviantar…
All Journals/News Articles featuring our group: thefavouriteshowcase.deviantar…

:bulletblue: Do you accept contributors?

Yes. I'll accept Contributors to the following categories:
General Photography;
Nature Photography;
Traditional Art;
and Digital Art.
Note me if you want to apply ;P

Contributors will feature the group members. I need a feature once a month from all contributors. Do you want to join?

:bulletblue: I don't want to be a member. Can I just :+devwatch:?
:) Of course you can, and I really appreciate that.

:bulletblue: I'm a member, now!:dance: But I didn't finished my work...I have a WIP though, can I submit it?
No, don't bother. Finish your work, then submit it.

:bulletblue: I love to collect :+fav:s and I know lovely artists. As I am a member I can submit works for them, can't I?
No, you can submit your own works.
However, we have a Favourite Gallery :star: You may submit your faves there.
And now we have a specific folder for features! :boogie: Take a look, do some features yourself! :omg: And we'll feature your feature! thefavouriteshowcase.deviantar…

:bulletblue: I'm an artist and I want to show my art - but I'm scared - there are art thieves out there. So I upload my work in very small sizes and I use watermarks all over it! Still, I can submit to this group, can't I?
If your work is small and watermarked, how can we enjoy it? Of course, you can always submit - if we decline it, you already know why - it's because we can't see your work.:unimpressed:

:bulletblue: I hate to have a lot of deviations in my inbox. How many submissions will you accept per day?
:hmm: We try not to accept many, we don't want to bother you with lots of works because we know you'll not have the time to see them all.

:bulletblue: Again, I hate to have a lot of deviations in my inbox. I can always turn off my :+devwatch:, right?
Right, :( but we'd be very sad.

:bulletblue: I like to write and I have some ideas. Would you let me writing a blog?
Of course. All Members can write on the blog.

:bulletblue: I'd like to help with the features, to help expose all of us. What can I do?
Well, I thank you so much. This is very important! :thanks: All deviants can do features. Go to our gallery and choose some works you like the most. Copy the thumbs to your journal and announce you're featuring the works of TheFavouriteShowcase members. Please let me know you are doing the feature. I'll announce it right away and I'll be personally :+fav:ing your featured and also :+fav:ing it into the group. It will be added to our folder "Journals - Featuring our Members" thefavouriteshowcase.deviantar… ;)

:bulletblue: But I'm not a Premium Member, can I help anyway?
Yes, of course you can. Now you can write journals/news articles too, using the thumbs :nod:
Also, you can use our icon proudly (:icon thefavouriteshowcase: - no spaces) and write on your journal that this is the place to find marvellous faves! :lol:

Questions are very welcome - you can always talk to me :highfive:

Elsa, Egil21

Important Info - all links

      :bulletpurple: Members only :bulletgreen: For All

:bulletpurple: Poll Period - what is it and how can I enter? thefavouriteshowcase.deviantar…

:bulletpurple: Contests - rules and dates thefavouriteshowcase.deviantar…

:bulletgreen: Twenty under Twenty Features thefavouriteshowcase.deviantar…

:bulletpurple: 12 per Day Features (this folder is closed: you'll be visited and your work will be requested to the gallery) thefavouriteshowcase.deviantar…

:bulletpurple: "FEATURE MY WORK" Blogs thefavouriteshowcase.deviantar…

:bulletgreen: Favourites Gallery thefavouriteshowcase.deviantar…

:bulletpurple: You Are the Star! (you may submit here 5 of your works to be featured in our exclusive blogs and you will be the only one featured, really our star!) thefavouriteshowcase.deviantar…

:new: :bulletgreen: ART FOR SALE thefavouriteshowcase.deviantar…
Showcase the pieces you want to sell!

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