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Please vote! - About the Poll - Voting issues

Journal Entry: Mon Aug 8, 2011, 2:58 PM
For those who are new on the group or for who's feeling a little confuse about the voting process, please read the following explanation:

I know how frustrating can be when we enter a contest and we know we have no chance to win because of the voting. For a contest we can choose some ways for people to vote. The best way (and for me the fairest) is when only the participants can vote - all people who have participated have to vote, not for themselves, and no one outside the contest can vote...

Now, you see, this isn't a contest - this is a way to get exposure. If this was a contest I could never put to vote photography, traditional art and digital art together.

The main word in this group is EXPOSE, all means are good to show your art - you have to see these polls as a way to show your work - this is a mean and the true objective isn't to win a sub but to get your work recognized. Winning a sub or some points is like a present, is what someone will get after this exposure game.

I know that who is better known among the deviants will be favoured but I can't really do nothing about it.
In this case, people who ask for votes are bringing people to see all the members' works. In the end, this is what I intend.

So you may ask your watchers to vote, you may write journals, you may ask for support by all means, even to other groups...

Yes, dear members, please play along.
I know you may feel uncomfortable, but this is just a game.
All opinions are welcome and you have a blog at your disposal here.

I hope you can understand my idea. In my point of view, I can see you all as winners and my main objective is to promote you and expose your art. All the help is welcome.

If you feel I'm doing wrong, please say so and help me doing this right. Suggesting to separate categories won't help unless you are willing to donate the points for the prizes.

Thank you so much for your attention :hug:


EDIT Sep 2014:
I'm adding here a conversation that may be helpful for some understanding:

Comment: "You know I love you all and at the beginning this was a great idea.
I think you have now passed this stage of encouraging people to ask for votes.
Some of these pics. on here were SO good and yet they got Nowhere?
How about once a month you just let Voters choose."

Reply: Hi, we already talked about this, more than once.

The "beginning" was long ago, I'm doing these challenges for 4 years and a half, and this is about exposure (I just had to introduce a prize because people just don't care about features, meaning: they like to be featured but they don't have interest for the general art itself and also are not interessed in featuring others).
Once again, you have here the explanation for asking for votes:

"Some of these pics. on here were SO good and yet they got Nowhere?" I don't understand what you mean. This time we had 96 entries and as usually 20 are in the Final Voting, 4 will win. I think these 20 in the blog are as worthy as the other 76 and in fact some are there for only one more vote - and I'm sure that the winners will have little difference between them.

I don't know if you realized that people asking for votes are in fact helping to expose these 20 pieces altogether - one person ask you to vote for not only his/her work but you have to look at all featured works because, for your vote to count, you have to choose 3 pieces.
So once a month, we are indeed "letting Voters choose."

If you don't agree with the rules for these challenges, I can only say it's your choice not to vote, and I'm sorry for that.




Another thing: I really appreciate the efforts of some members to expose the group. Please take a look to the Journal Folder thefavouriteshowcase.deviantar… and read some journals - and maybe you'll be motivated to do the same.
Do a feature! It doesn't hurt, it's easy and you'll feel very happy, you'll see :)

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