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New Poll Period and a Good Idea

Journal Entry: Wed Nov 3, 2010, 7:58 PM
:new: News Article… by arbaxa

Creative Colours Entry by RampantWolff

Hello dear members!

How are you?


As you know, a new Poll period has began! But this time not every member can enter the Poll. This Poll Period is special, it's a way to thank the members who've supported your Poll System since the beginning :hug: So only the members listed below may enter the Poll:

XMAS POLL   santa globe by emocx  

abey79 Acacia13 Ailedda AKIC96 alleena8 andruz52 VixenDra Asawari atnezau


Calaymo chachah

d3fect Dalal-N dejan91lp MacsBlack dejan91lp dasidaria-art dizzylizz dovespirit  drakiross DramaThrills Drugge

einfachso esTHer-duraes Everlessmoon

fall321 fatboygotsick Flame-of-the-Phoenix floggerSG folek

flufflestehleemerman FreeSpiritFotography FriendFrog Frightened-Lollipop

Godstryke green-gumi-bear guille1701

indojo IngoSchobert Ilman-Lintu ivangonzalez iveseenthefuture

jieyi-lim Jilly-anne JMH86 JoseMelim

raquelvonkaminaru Kiara-Vestigium KSMPhotography Kumiko-Art

LaraVilya LeahJay liransz little-moonshine

Mangestu Michelle-Fennel heartMelinda Metkan Moowna moviegirl78 Muoni

NefertitiSmenkare nibbia Nikonoclaste nytag

Olvium OperationDropkick

Petritap Peug PhaipherGirl PoisonMeForTheFuture

Raigekidan robkit The-Strynx

SandieBlair sawboy90 Serioskrt
shhhhh-art siddhartha19 SiddharthNagarajan Skysofdreams shadowgirlphoenix13 ShinyWish SHS-06-08 Sora-Kairi-4ever soranna Suanin

thestargazer23 tickledpink83 Twins72


VastandInfinite Velvet-Paw victor23081981 inner-light vLixoz



If you are not listed please don't submit to the Poll Folder, you may submit again on January.

But don't be sad and continue to support us, I think I had a good idea :) Continue reading, please.


This group was founded to feature and to expose your art - I wish I had more time to help and to do more, because there are amazing and very talented artists here - and they, you!, have all my attention.

So I had this idea, I hope you feel it's a good idea :hmm:
Our gallery is open not only to members, but to all. Of course, members have benefits. Features, for example.
But we have another gallery, a gallery for Favourites...we aren't using it so much, because the works on the Favourite Gallery don't enter the main gallery, they aren't seen on our inboxes. But this is a Favourites group :D it began for being my Favourites, but now it can be the Favourites of us all:

I have created 3 folders (for all types of art) on Favourites: Redlicious (for anything with red on it), Butterflies and All Landscapes. On these 3 folders you can submit your favourites on these themes - it can be your own work, or it can be someone else's, as you wish. There is no limit to submit, you may submit all you want - but remember, these are favourites, so supposedly they're good, impressive art - you don't fave anything or everything, do you?

:O_o: And what will we do with these favourites, you ask?  


What I'm going to do is: I'll visit one folder (it can be Redlicious), let's say one month from today. I'll choose my favourites and I'll feature them :O I can feature here on the group, on my page, or I can write a news article...and the idea is for you to do the same!

Any of you can go through these galleries and feature some works, even your own. I'm just going to help you choose the theme. Two months from now I'll close these folders and I present another 3 themes.
Remember, anyone can do features - if you don't have a subscription you can feature here on the group (we have a members blog, remember?) or you can write a news article, you can use thumbs there without being a Premium DA Member.

All the features done will count with the sponsoring of TheFavouriteShowcase so all of them will be announced here. Send me (or to the group) a note, please, with the link to your feature (don't send it in a comment, because I will lose it for sure :stupidme: ). You can feature as many times as you want and you can feature all the themes - you may even suggest the next themes. I just want you to get involved and I just want to have many people enjoying good art.

Now, do you think this is a good idea? Are you willing to participate? You don't have to do any features, you can just submit - it's your choice - I will do them for sure, but I'd be happy if you do one every two months at least, with the theme you like the most ^^ it's not very hard, and you will have your feature announced...I think it's a good deal ;P

The folders on the Favourite Gallery are open! You may submit there - remember, if you are submitting your own work it won't appear on our main gallery, if you want it to enter our folders you have to submit there too ( ^^; I hope this don't sound confused...)

Any questions, you know where to find me :blowkiss:


If you have any ideas, doubts or need any help, please talk to me. And all ideas are welcome.
I hope you feel good being here and I really hope that your work will get recognition with time - help me make this group a good place for all of you.

And I NEED HELP! Who wants to be a CONTRIBUTOR and help me feature our members? You don't have to be a Premium Member to do it...
Commission For iHazCOOKiiE by KlauS92

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