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Please Read, it's IMPORTANT! - Conclusion.

Journal Entry: Tue Oct 11, 2011, 7:38 AM

Hello dear members :wave:

Do you remember this post? :D
Well, first of all, I want to thank you for your suggestions and participation.
After talking with Selina sesam-is-open, Dasidaria dasidaria-art and John artdejohn this is want we came to agree:

Selina and John want the prize to revert to the group so, on their behalf,  our Xmas Poll will have a second prize.
As you know, the Xmas Poll is only open to the members who have entered the previous polls on this year and the prize is a six months sub - now exceptionally we'll have a second prize: a 3 months sub ;)

Dasidaria first wanted the prize reverting to the group, but as you know, you can give your prize to someone else, it's a a nice thing to do. So I'm giving the sub to the deviant she chose. If he agrees to have it I'll tell you who he is, if not, we'll save the prize and give it also on Xmas on his behalf and Dasidaria's.

Is this ok with you?
Thank you all for your support :heart:

Oh, don't forget: this Poll Period is almost over!
You have until the 16th to submit your works and we just have 2 polls going on:  1st Poll thefavouriteshowcase.deviantar… and 2nd Poll thefavouriteshowcase.deviantar…... and the 3rd poll has 3 slots open thefavouriteshowcase.deviantar…

Submit, vote, participate! Show your work!

:omg: Don't you want a sub?

One more thing:  Annieta A-teinna has her B-Day today.
Could you be so kind to let her know that you appreciate the awesome work she's being doing on the group by faving :+favlove: her last features:






I know most of you don't read these blogs but I have something to say concerning all of you:

READ PLEASE, and don't be mad at me :forgiveme: because I'm going to spam you with a link to this journal (I need to hear your thoughts):

We, as group, try by all means to help expose our members' art - we are not elitist and we are not prejudiced - all artists are welcome to submit and everyone is welcome as member.
A way to expose our members' work is to have polls, every member can enter, everyone on dA can vote. You have to understand that this is not a contest, so no, it isn't fair: the winner may be a great artist but it can also be just a popular person, also photos usually tend to have more votes than traditional or digital art.

Last Poll Period, August, left us with a tied poll or so I thought. thefavouriteshowcase.deviantar…
When I announced the winner, I had two works with 137 votes each. Though I never have contemplated this option, it seemed fair to give the 2 subs.

When I told Dasidaria dasidaria-art she said she wouldn't accept the prize, that she saw when the countdown reached the end and that she had one vote less than Selina sesam-is-open ;

When I told Selina sesam-is-open she said that she considered Dasidaria the only winner and if she were entitled to the prize than she wanted to give it to John artdejohn ;

When I told John artdejohn that Selina sesam-is-open gave her prize to him, he said he couldn't accept because Selina was already helping him a lot!

So I have a 3 months sub on my hands, actually two 3 months sub...

I want to hear your thoughts about this situation and what to do with this sub (or these subs, though Dasidaria said to me that hers should revert to the group).

I know you do, I know you'd love to have one, but that's not the point.

I wanted to share this, because as group, we can all talk and have our opinions and share our thoughts - that's what a group is and that is what I want this group to be: a place to share and on all members feel good and supported.

My motivation to write all this?

I'm writing this because so many times on dA we deal with ugly people, who are here to destabilise others and to cause suffering, that when we are blessed to talk and to be friends with these beautiful, kind, honest souls, they deserve all our love and consideration.

We all should know them and their work.


Green apple by dasidaria-art Amanda Seyfried drawing by dasidaria-art

Red flowers by dasidaria-art Five of a kind by dasidaria-art


Taste Of Autumn by sesam-is-open Sometimes Life Is Pink by sesam-is-open

Dark Lady by sesam-is-open I don't want to see this world by sesam-is-open


Young and Free by artdejohn Chix by artdejohn

high key pierce by artdejohn I'm free by artdejohn


Though some of you are misreading the blog  - the 3 members DIDN'T accepted the prize and I'm asking what to do with it :D (and the prize was a 3 months sub) - I want to really thank all of you who have taken the time to read and give a suggestion!


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